Wooden Dreidels

Here is a sampling of wood dreidels available for online purchase.  Wood dreidels are made using a variety of techniques:  some are turned on a lathe, some have laser cut parts, and most are assembled from multiple pieces because its easier and less expensive to create a dreidel that way.  I've tried to note the artisan/designer when possible.


Simple Flat Dreidel

This small 2" dreidel falls nicely on it's side -- a nice inexpensive dreidel, but still handmade using laser cut plywood.  Sold in a package of 3.  Price: $15.00 (as of 11/11/08).  Designed and handmade by Cheryl and Don Olney.  Available at Etsy.com

Wood Dreidel by Cheryl Olney Wood Dreidel by Cheryl Olney

Bead Dreidel

Wooden dreidel about 3" tall. A printed cylindrical wooden bead encased in a wooden framework creates a round in a square sort of dreidel. Comes in a festive pouch.  2-3/4"t x 1-1/4"w. Price: $12.00 (as of 11/11/08).  Designed and handmade by Cheryl and Don Olney.  Available at the Jewish Museum Store

colorful wood dreidel

Colorful Wood Dreidel

These inexpensive wood dreidels are solidly constructed and have a unique shape.  This is one of the only mass produced dreidels that is well balanced and consistantly shaped - and thus spins well and isn't weighted to land on a particular side.  2" tall x 1" wide. Price: $1.25 (as of 11/30/08).  Available at one800dreidels.com.

saguaro cactus dreidel

Saguaro Cactus Dreidels

Hand carved from Saguaro Cactus these dreidels by Maury Lipowich are marked using a wood burning technique.  According to his artist page, he had a giant, 18 arm saguaro in his back yard that died and he was determined to see that the skeleton not be wasted.  6"HX5"W  Price: $40.00 (as of 11/30/08).  Available at lipowich.com.

wood dreidel with charms by Daniel Riccio and Elliot Landes

Dreidel Box

This beautiful wood dreidel shaped box by Elliot Landes contains six bronze charms of Hanukkah symbols by Daniel Riccio. Represented are the menorah, a dreidel, an oil cruse, an oil lamp, gelt, and latkes in a pan. The wood body is about 2"" by 2"" by 2"".  Price: $80 (as of 11/30/08).  Available in rosewood with the body made of various blond, red, or brown woods from penmakers.com

German Dreidel - Wood

Classic Dreidel Top

A simple turned wood dreidel with a unique black spinning handle and black branded letters this dreidel is designed by Ulrich Büker.  Solidly constructed of beech wood the dreidel is 29 x 48 mm and spins very well.  Price: $20.00 (as of 11/30/08). Available from the German top retailer Kreiselparadies.de.

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